Will your dog come to you when you call him … every time? If so, you are definitely in the minority. One of the biggest requests I get is that a person wants their dog to come to them when called. Unfortunately, we have given him more reasons not to come than reasons to come when called.

What causes a dog not to come? There are a few reasons this happens.

The first reason is lack of trust. Have you ever called your dog to you and then punish him for something he did? If he is smart, he sure isn’t going to risk punishment by coming to you. Never punish your dog when he comes to you. If you want to discipline him, go to him.

Next, is lack of consistency and reward. Even if you never taught your dog obedience, he would still come to you if you are his respected and loved leader. When you call your dog to come, praise him each and every time he comes. Make a big deal about him coming. You can use treats if you like. Just don;t over do it. Also, don’t call him unless you know he is going to come. By doing this on a consistent basis your dog will come to you without a second thought.

Lack of obedience training is another major cause. Most dogs are not even leash trained consistently. There is no reason to expect a dog to come off leash. If your dog is obedience trained, you have to practice this as much as anything else. I tell my clients not to expect consistent off leash results until their dog will obey them consistently on leash.

So, how do we correct these problems? You start from the very beginning and learn the right way to do the come command. Make the effort to build a trusting relationship with your dog, Be patient. Results will come, but they will not happen overnight.

If it is in your budget, work with a professional trainer. They can help you speed up the process considerably. Good luck!