Some well-meaning people take on the responsibility of owning a pet but with certain limitations. They only want an “outside” dog. Some people do this for protection because they believe intruders will keep “certain people” away such as bad guys, etc. Some people do this because they don’t want their homes to look or smell like they have pets. They don’t want to deal with issues that are normally associated with house dogs. They think they want a part-time pet. Read on to discover why you shouldn’t have an outside dog.


Down Command for Casey

Outside the Box

Many people don’t consider the repercussions of getting an outside dog. They believe the dog will live happily tied up or kenneled in the back yard for years to come proving protection and the love and support of a faithful companion. The harsh reality is that this rarely happen. Outside dogs develop physical and psychological issues if they are not socialized, trained, fed, watered, groomed, bathed, taken to the vet on a regular basis and provided constant companionship. They become bored and lonely and will develop very bad habits. They will dig, they will chew and they will bark to get attention. They will jump on people that approach and some will become aggressive. I know, I get calls all the time about these behaviors.

The Elements

No matter where a person lives they will face extreme weather conditions and many times dog’s suffer as owners don’t provide the necessities needed during these times. Adequate food water and shelter are a must and if these are not provided owners can face severe consequences. Because responsible pet ownership is on the rise and a greater awareness has been achieved for what dogs need to thrive, people are quick to turn in irresponsible dog owners who aren’t proving the necessities for their pets.

Consider the Reason

It’s important that you consider the reason why you want an outside dog. If it’s for your child then forget about it. An untrained dog on a chain can easily injure a child by tripping them with the chain or by jumping on them and knocking them down. Outside dogs that are not bathed and groomed on a regular basis can be covered in their own feces from walking and rolling in it. They often have fleas and ticks and it would not be good for a child to be exposed to a pet in this condition. If you have other reasons think long and hard about what they are. Visualize what the situation will look like in one year, five years and ten years. Anyone can be a dog owner; it takes some common sense to be a responsible dog owner.

Remember, dogs are pack animals.  They are social animals.  They strive to be a part of a group … your group.  Ostracizing them in this way is not healthy for them … and possibly others.  Just getting them a playmate is not the answer either.  You are just compounding the problem.  Please think about this before deciding to purchase or get another dog.

If you have any questions about this topic or anything regarding dogs feel free to contact me.

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Note:  There  are some dogs that are bred to be outside working dogs such as live stock guardians.  They need to be outside to do their job.  Personally, I believe there is still a way to make him an integral member of the family and the pack.