Dog Motivation Is The Key To A Happy Pack

As a Leader of the Pack Dog Trainer, dog motivation is very important to me.  There are two very distinct forms of motivation in dogs.  They are Praise and Consequence.   I will touch base on what each one means to me and the dogs I work with.

Marley and Me ... lol

Marley and Me … lol

Praise As A Dog Motivation

What is praise in dogs?  Praise is a loving touch, a positive word, a toy reward for something done correctly, or a treat reward (not a bribe) as an immediate response for something your dog did that pleases you.

When do we praise our dogs?  We praise in the moment for a command done right … or, when our dog is just generally being a good dog.  He could be sleeping on the floor.  Praise him.  He could be playing nice with our children or another dog.  Praise him.

My goal for my clients is to Praise our dogs at least 20 times more than we give a consequence.  For every consequence we give our dogs, we find 20 other opportunities to praise.  I don’t know about you, but, it is so easy to be critical when our dogs (or children) do something wrong.  Let them know when they are doing something right.  You will be amazed at the transformation and the bond that develops between you and your dog!

Consequence As A Dog Motivation

What is consequence in dogs?  Depending on your dog’s personality, it could be a corrective tone in your voice.  It could be you ignoring your dog or turning away.  It could be stopping the petting process when they break a command or start to jump.  It could be a nudge with your body, a shake of a shake can or a spritz with a water spray bottle. It could be a grab of a scruff, a tap or tug of a leash or a touch on the shoulder.

Every consequence should follow with praise.

Each one of these is equally important to dogs.  Dogs understand physical and verbal communication.  It is important that  we understand how to communicate with our dogs in a language they understand.  Motivating dogs successfully increases the quality of life for both you and your dog.

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