It’s plain and simple, owners are the problem.

Owners that continue to have problems with their dogs even after some form of professional training do not deserve to own a dog.

I get so tired of people calling and saying “their dog does this and their dog does this.” Who let them do it? The owner.

“It was so cute when little Rover jumped in my lap. Now, he does it all the time. The problem is he is 60 pounds …” Hello? How did it start in the first place?

“My dog begs for food and continually gets food off the table, the counter and from my children. He is driving me crazy.” Hello? Who started giving the dog food from the table? Who started giving the dog food while preparing dinner? Who thought it was cute when their children and their puppy shared a sandwich? Who?

“My dog bit my neighbor or my friend last night. I need to do something about it now or I will have to get rid of him.” Why didn’t you do something months or years earlier when your dog was growling at people? In effect, he was crying out for help and you ignored him. And you want to get rid of him?

“My dog will not come to me when I call him.” Have you ever considered that he doesn’t have a reason to come to you? That maybe you punished him once or twice when he came to you? That he doesn’t respect you as the leader of his pack?

Come on people! Nothing in life is for free. And if it does come free, it isn’t really worth it. Do right by your dog and he will do right by you. After all, he is there on your best and worst days. Yet, all you want to do is bitch and moan and be “entitled” for your dog to obey you when “you really mean it.”

It’s called a change of life. It’s called taking action. It is called Motivation, Praise, Discipline and Consistency. If you can’t or won’t do it, do yourself a favor … get a fish.