The Bernese Mountain Dog, a member of the Working Dog Group is a fantastic all around dog. Known as a hunter. They also have a great disposition and very friendly. Could a Bernese Mountain Dog be the right dog breed for you? Choosing the right breed dog is very important for you and for your dog. Here are the dog breed standards and other important information you should read prior to buying a new dog or puppy for your home.

History: Originally named “Berner Sennenhund” after the Berne area of Switzerland, the breed is now more commonly known by its English translation, Bernese mountain dog, which means herd dogs. This breed was previously used as farm dogs and their job functions included guarding and driving the herds of sheep and cows. From its origins in the Swiss mountains, this breed was eventually brought to the United States post 1926, and was acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the year 1937.

It is also interesting to note that these dogs were used by the Romans as fighting dogs. They would heavily stud their collars and send them into battle to fight along the soldiers.

Type of Work the Breed Does: The Bernese mountain dog can be trained to handle multiple jobs that are quite different in nature. They make excellent watch and herd guardian dogs and are also efficient at carefully handling items and delivering them safely to their master. They are good for guarding other pet animals inside a house or a farm and are often employed for search and rescue missions.

Physical Representation: The Bernese mountain dog has a heavy coat which is typically tri-colored with black, white and rust colors. There whole body is mainly black with contrast of white and rust. The heavy furry coat is great for keeping these dogs warm during the icy-cold winters but can be a problem during the excessive heat in summer. The tail is as furry as the rest of the body and their ears are folded and wavy and not at all straight. The cheeks and toes are rust colored and the eyes are black.

Personality and Temperament: Their sunny disposition as well as their loyalty and devotion to duty make the Bernese mountain dog an ideal pet for children. What’s more, this dog will happily mix with any other pets as well, making it a great dog for multi-pet families. They have a passion for getting engaged in games with kids and adults. This breed has a positive temperament and can easily adjust to any change in environment, though they require some amount of time to get familiar with new masters.

Care: Cleanliness is a must and these dogs need to be bathed regularly using good dog soaps and shampoos. Combing the fur needs to be done regularly and trimming off the toenails and brushing of teeth can be done at least twice week. Special care needs to be taken to avoid diseases brought on by poor metabolism as well as eye and ear diseases, which these dogs are prone to suffer from. They can be trained to do regular exercises to stay healthy. Proper diet should be maintained by giving those foods containing all nutritional supplements required by dogs.

Living Conditions: Because of their heavy coats these dogs do better in cooler climates and are unsuitable for the tropics and sub tropical regions. Change of weather and food habits could lead to certain health problems.

At a glance:

  • Breed Group: Working Dog Group

  • Height: 23-27½ inches

  • Weight: 70-95 lbs

  • Color: Tri-colored with a jet back base coat

  • Life Expectancy: 6-8 years

  • Average litter size: 8