This post is about puppies’ toys – what is safe for them and what is not. I know I am going to make some dog toy manufacturers very unhappy with my comments here, but I don’t care. My concern is for your puppies and dogs.

If the toys for puppies can be torn apart, swallowed or harm the puppy in any way – don’t use them! Some examples of dangerous puppy toys follows.

I do not like leather chew toys for two reasons. One, they can tear into chunks. If one of these chunks is swallowed, it can cause an obstruction in your puppy’s or dog’s stomach which can be very dangerous. Two, why would you want your puppy to chew leather rawhides? Don’t you have shoes that are made of leather?

Plush squeaky dog toys are potentially dangerous as well. Haven’t you watched a dog or puppy go crazy trying to get to the squeaker? Once they rip it open, the squeaker toy can end up in your puppy’s stomach. Get the picture?

Small balls that can be swallowed are dangerous. Stay away from them. Even tennis balls can be dangerous after a puppy loses all of its baby teeth and gains his adult teeth. How? The glue used in making the tennis ball is very acidic and can take the enamel off of a dog’s teeth.

I personally use the dog Kong toys as these are indestructible. You can spread peanut butter or cheese whiz inside them and mentally stimulate your puppy for hours! You can throw them like a ball. They bounce crazy stimulating prey and play drives. They are simply a great toy for puppies and dogs alike.

There are other dog toy manufacturers out there with good toys. I will be evaluating them soon. I will be the proud new owner of a long haired German Shepherd puppy in three weeks. I will keep you posted on toys that may or may not be good for puppies and dogs.

I can’t wait!