Bringing a new puppy home means dealing with new responsibilities.  You are responsible for her care, well-being and her manners.  After all, you are the leader of her pack.

It is important that you are ready to help your puppy become accustomed to her new home as quickly as possible.  By doing this, stress is minimized and happiness is the watch word.  Here are some new puppy tips that will help you make it past those first few days.

If at all possible, take some time off from work or at least schedule your new puppy around a long weekend.  Many people do not understand how involved you have to be to successfully transition your puppy to his or her new home.  Also, spending a lot of time with your puppy during the first days significantly strengthens your bond with her.  It makes for easier training and life long leadership.

If possible, put a blanket or stuffed toy that contains the mother’s scent with your puppy at night.  This may help to calm her in the beginning.  How do you do this?  Take the blanket or stuffed toy and have the breeder place it with the mother or rub her with it.

Invest in a dog crate for your puppy.  I believe every dog’s life with a new owner should start with a dog crate.  A crate saves you in time and stress when dealing with potty training your puppy.  It will also save your furniture and belongings from detrimental behaviors that puppies are known to do.  A puppy should never be outside of her crate unless you are prepared to watch her or you and 100% trust her actions.

One thing that may help with her whining or yelping at night is the use of a ticking alarm clock when it time to go to bed.  This will help your puppy relax as the ticking sound emulates the heart beating of her mother and/or her siblings.  Be sure to place the clock in a safe place.

Buy a bottle of pet waste odor removal cleaner.  Make certain this cleaner is marked as an enzyme removal cleaner.  It is only natural for a puppy or dog to eliminate where it has gone previously.  Cleaning the area with soap and water will not completely remove the odor.  The odor will remain behind.  The enzyme cleaner will actually consume the odor, thus removing a likely spot for a puppy to look for in the future.

Get a bottle of bitter apple spray.  Puppies love to chew and be destructive.  This is how they investigate their world.  Bitter apple spray is an excellent deterrent.   Spray the bitter apple on the belongings you want to protect 2-3 times per week in the beginning.  Warning.  This does not work with all puppies/dogs.  If this occurs, contact me for more suggestions.

You absolutely have to puppy proof the areas your puppy will be allowed to roam.  You do this just as you would baby proof your home.  Electrical cords, items left on the floor, open cabinets are just a few things you have to watch out for.  Visually inspect the area your puppy will travel from her point of view.

Hopefully, these puppy tips on puppy behavior will help you endure the first few days after you bring your new puppy home and set the stage to a fantastic life together.  Consistency and a watchful eye are keys to making it through this time period.  Good luck and have fun.

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