Stop play biting.  I will teach you how to stop your puppy play biting.  Please read on …

Puppies use their mouths much like we use our hands. They feel. They touch. They learn about things from this contact.

I usually allow puppies to mouth until it is about 10 weeks of age. If it gets to be too much, I firmly and softly say “No” and remove their mouth from whatever they are biting. I usually will substitute my body part for something they are allowed to chew on. Once they begin chewing on the item I have given them, I give them mild praise.

I give no physical correction at this time.  I play no games that will encourage the puppy to play bite either.  If you see this happening, stop playing that game for the time being.

When your puppy comes up and sniffs or licks you without offering to play bite, I praise him.   Consistency, motivation and praise are the key.

As a puppy begins to grow these bites (if not addressed earlier)  turn in to excruciating pain from their sharp little canine teeth. And the reasons for which they were biting in the beginning has changed. If the above substitution pattern is not working, it is time to make the puppy stop this behavior.

Try an exclamatory “Ouch!” and withdraw from him.  Many times you will startle your puppy much like another litter mate would.  When this happens, your puppy may stop biting, because he has gone too far and realizes it in some canine way.  Praise him if he stops.  Ignore and withdraw from him with the “Ouch!” if he goes back to biting.

You have to be patient and consistent to stop play biting.  And, these play biting prevention methods do not work with all puppies.  If this does not work for your puppy, contact a professional trainer.  You cannot allow play biting to go on.  I normally can have puppy play biting eliminated with owner cooperation in a very short time.