Puppy Owners Beware! It has come to our attention there is a company that is offering to put a puppy on their electronic dog fence system as early as 8-12 weeks of age.


Your puppy can be irreparably harmed by doing this. Studies have shown that all puppies go through a “fear imprint” stage from six to sixteen weeks of age. Anything that can psychologically affect them during this period can and will scar them for life. Don’t take my word for it, ask your veterinarian or dog trainer or dog behaviorist and see what they say.

What are just a few of the short and long term psychological changes a puppy could have from this?

A dog may become more fearful, shy and timid. Many times this can even escalate to fear biting or defensive aggressive.

Your puppy may be confused about boundaries and start going to the bathroom in the house.

Or this can mean that your dog can grow up to become aggressive.

People that would do this to a dog know nothing about dog behavior. It is cruel. It is barbaric. It is wrong. Just because they are a dog fence company does not mean they know anything about your dog’s behavior or well-being. It actually gives a bad name to the others in the industry who are dog trainers and professionals. True dog professionals want the best for your pets and for dogs in general. It is not just about the money.

If you choose to invest your dog’s life with another fence company … fine. Do not put your puppy on any electronic fence system before sixteen weeks of age. Waiting until a puppy is sixteen weeks of age is a minor inconvenience, if that. Again, ask any veterinarian, any dog behaviorist or any real dog trainer.

Of course, we recommend owning a Contain-A-Pet Electronic Dog Fence, but you should choose who you feel more comfortable with.  Meet the dealer.  Meet the people you are going to work with.  Know that they genuinely care about the well being of your dog.