Is your dog eating  fast?  I had a question on my Jim Hodges Dog Training Facebook page about this.   Here are some suggestions to slow your dog down.  Please read as this is potentially life threatening for your dog.

The question:

How do you stop your dog from inhaling food … he acts like he is staring (he isn’t) and barely chews his food.  He is a German Shepherd/Jack Russell mix?

The answer:

It can be potentially life threatening if you have a fast eating dog.  He can choke.  He can also get bloat which is a twisting of the stomach which can block the esophagus and his intestines.  This is very dangerous and could kill your dog.

One of the solutions is to purchase a slow feeding dog bowl.  These dog bowls typically have molded objects or barriers in the bowl that causes a dog too slow his eating.  he as to navigate around these areas, thus slowing him down.  I highly recommend these bowls as a solution.  Even then I would still monitor your dog while eating.

You can also try placing  the food on a tray and spread it out.  I have actually heard of people placing balls, rocks or kong toys in the food dish to slow him down.  In fact, you could actually place some of his food in the kong toy and make him work to get  it out.  If it were me, I would use the formed dish rather than try these methods.

Another possible solution is via dog training.  You can  hand feed to slow him down and teach as a command.

You can also feed him multiple times per day so that he may become satiated.

I recommend that you contact your veterinarian and see what he/she recommends.  At any rate, this is a behavior that needs to be addressed.  Please do it for the safety of your dog.

Feel free to ask any questions on my dog training facebook page.  I will be happy to give my opinion on the matter if I can.художник на икониИкони на светциХудожник