Private Dog Training in your home in Winston-Salem and the Triad (certain situations only).

I did “In Your Home Dog Training” for over 25 years.  Unfortunately, my waiting list has grown so long that I need to find a more effective way to work with my dog clients.  This “In Your Home Dog Training” will be limited to specific situations where training in your home is in the best interest of you and your dog.

Certain dog behaviors from dogs are best handled in the home.  I will help decide what is best in your situation.  Keep in mind, most general dog training and behavioral approaches do not need this.

The typical training program consists of 1 – 3  lessons usually spread out at weekly intervals. We do the basic obedience dog training with the following commands:

Let’s Go, Sit, Down, Sit-in-Motion, Down-in-Motion, Come, Place, Stay, Heel and Break. Occasionally we will add another command or two to this repertoire as needed for the family environment.

I show you how to train your dog and then you are expected to work with your dog on the specific commands until I return. We also address any dog behaviors that are needed.

As you are aware, you have to lead for positive change to take place. It is my job to show you how to lead and get results from your particular dog.

Remember, we are not here to intimidate, dominate, break your dog’s spirit or physically harm him in any way. We are here to make you the Leader of Your Pack and have your dog happily follow. This is not about Show Ring Obedience (although I can do that if you want it); it is about real life

The initial private dog training session is $395.00 depending on your location.  That first session is comprehensive.  I provide the training materials that you will need after I leave (a little over $100 in value).  It lasts approximately 1.5 hours.  We address why our dog does the things he/she does and how to fix them.  We work on behaviors and begin obedience training … all designed to make you your dog’s leader.  I truly believe this session will provide the foundation for you and your dog to have a wonderful life together.  After the first session, each session is $250.00 depending on your location and lasts approximately an hour.  Again, if you and your dog are committed, training can be done in 1 – 2  sessions.  Many times one session is all that is needed to get you on the right path.

The cost above includes the training tools you will need to work with your dog.  This training costs more than training in my home due to driving time and expense.

Feel free to call my office at 336-945-3232.

Thank you,

Jim Hodges