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2020-04-03T18:03:36+00:00By |Dog Breeds, Non-Sporting Group|

The Bulldog, a member of the Non-Sporting Dog Group. With origins (many years ago) in fighting, you would think this is a vicious tank of terror. Not hardly. The Bulldog is now a gentle, docile, family loving pet capable of protecting if needed. Needing less exercise than many other breeds, it makes the perfect dog [...]

Bichon Frise

2007-10-02T16:32:30+00:00By |Dog Breeds, Non-Sporting Group|

The Bichon Frise, a member of the Non-Sporting Dog Group is a fantastic all around little dog. Known for their great disposition. Could a Bichon be the right dog breed for you? Here are the dog breed standards and other important information you should read prior to buying a new dog or puppy for your [...]