The 14 Day Dog Training Residency or Board and Train Dog Program

Our board and train program is one of the most popular starter dog training programs we offer.  This program is designed for busy families who do not have the time to do everything with their dog or puppy to make them understand life is changing.   Your dog will actually come live with my family and me in my home. He/She does not live in some outdoor kennel, but lives in my home.  He/She becomes a member of my pack.

In the board and train program we begin teaching the obedience commands that are necessary for to learn to adapt to pack structure and hierarchy.  We also address behavior issues from a leadership perspective.  You come to visit and learn how to become the leader of your pack 2-3 times before he/she goes home.  I offer you as many lessons at my home as needed afterwards at no additional charge until you feel comfortable.  I want you to succeed.

Many, many families/dog owners love this program  as it still gives them hands-on in the training of their dog.  The cost of the 14 Day Residency Program is $ 2795.00.  I provide the training materials you will need when you take your dog back home.

We provide an Obedience Guide and a Youtube video when your pup goes home which is included in the price.  For samples of the video, go to the first page of this site ( scroll down.  You can also go to Youtube by clicking on this link (

Feel free to call my office at 336-945-3232.

Thank you,

Jim Hodges