Beware Of Online “Dog Information”

Beware of your dog information sources, especially on the internet.

Many articles that you see on the internet are not written by dog trainers or professionals at all. They are written by internet marketers. That’s like going to the doctor and being looked at by the guy who stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

This can be disastrous for you and your dog. It can even be potentially life threatening.

Don’t get me wrong. Invaluable information can be found surfing the internet. Just know your sources.

Every piece of information I will provide you will be based on my twenty years experience and research in the dog training and dog behavior field.

Every dog I touch and work with teaches me something.

Dog training is not black and white. Dogs have varied personalities that are affected by their lineage and their social environment. Be sure the advice you follow is sound … and don’t follow information unless it is from a proven dog professional.