Here it is Thursday October 2, 2008 and I have just heard the Senate has passed the bail out for all of their crooked friends and associates that have been stealing our money and taking advantage of the system. Next, the House gets to do the same.

As much as I hate it, the bail out has to happen … BUT, what is sending me on this tirade is the approximately 114 BILLION DOLLARS IN SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY ADDED TO THIS BILL!!! These people never miss a chance to screw us out of our hard-earned dollars.

What kind of leaders of the pack do we have? We don’t! They aren’t leaders.

If they were dog trainers, they would be out of a job. They should be out of a job. Democrats and Republicans alike. They are traitors to our country and the ideals for what this great country was founded upon. And, we let them do it.

Stop it right now.

Do a internet search for your state’s US Senators and Congressmen/House of Representatives. Their phone number and emails are there. Tell them what you think (even if you don’t agree with me). Make your voice heard. Tell all of your friends and enemies to do the same.

Be a leader of your pack and take your country back.