Why Do People Want Attack Dog Training?

I get calls all the time from people who want attack dog training. It is beyond me. Why would anyone want attack dog training when the person that ends up being attacked is usually a family member or friend?

The above scenario does happen. It happens because people want a protection dog; but, they are not willing to commit the time to insure they can control their dog in all situations.

I believe a protection dog should be reliable both on leash and off. He should be mentally sound and very easy for strangers to be around (not naturally aggressive). When you give him a command, he should obey it … immediately. He should then remain in that command until you release him.

That takes work … a lot of good old fashioned dog obedience training.

Only when a dog is trained to the point that it is oblivious to distractions will I start dog protection training work or attack dog training. If you hire me, you are talking about the owner working many hours with their dog and paying thousands of dollars. There has to be a real need.

The kicker is most dogs will naturally protect their fellow pack members (you and your family) when there is a real sign of trouble. And they will also welcome any one that you welcome. If they don’t, you need to see a professional dog trainer.

That’s what members of the pack do.

At least when they have a true leader or alpha. 🙂