Choosing A Professional Dog TrainerLast time we spoke about Dog Training And Your Dog. One of the best ways to get the results you want is by hiring a good dog trainer. Choosing a professional dog trainer is not easy. Anyone can call themselves a trainer. It doesn’t mean that they are.

You must do your due diligence.

  • The first thing you should do is call the trainer and ask them the method(s) they use to train. You need to feel comfortable with this method.
  • Ask them if you can observe them with a client.
  • Ask them for references. Also ask them for someone that has not succeeded with his or her instructions.
  • Call the references.
  • Ask what kind of guarantees they may offer. I allow my clients to come to the first lesson. If they are happy, they pay. If not, they can walk. It is important that you feel comfortable with your trainer and his methods.

If you have reached the point that you feel confident with your trainer. Listen and do what they ask! You are the limiting factor, not your dog.

Effort in equals rewards out. Training should be everyday life, not a parlor game.

One last thing. Some trainers do individual lessons. Some do classes. I personally prefer the individual sessions as you get what you pay for. Remember, dogs have different personalities and so do humans. You are relegated to progress with the weakest links in the class. In a class of 8, 10, 15 or 20 the quality of instruction is not as good as if it was one on one.

If you do the math, the dollars do not justify it either.

Your dog deserves better.

You deserve better.

Next, we will visit the command of all commands that people want for their dogs … The Come.