On a previous post I discussed the various options for dog training in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area. This post will discuss specific dog behavior issues.

Many dog behaviors can be modified with Leader of the Pack Obedience Dog Training. Becoming the Leader of your Pack solves many ills. And the behaviors you do experience can be corrected very easily.

Unfortunately, some situations call for more immediate results. This will result in me making a house call in the Winston-Salem area and assessing your dog. Once I have evaluated your dog, I will make recommendations and work with you in correcting the unwanted behavior. Many times we will make dramatic headway in as little as an hour.

The cost for a Dog Behavior Counseling starts at $250 depending on what we do. More information can be gathered from a free phone consultation with me.  Prices may be a bit higher for longer distances.

What are some of the behaviors that can be addressed in one or two sessions?

* House training a puppy or dog.

* Play biting and chewing on the owner or others.

* Jumping on people or furniture.

* Dog bolting out of gates or doors.

* Walking/pulling on a leash.

* Puppy do’s and don’ts. (This is the best money you could ever spend on your dog.)

Feel free to call the office and I will guide you on the best solution for you and your dog. I want you committed to the end result. There will never be any pressure to buy from me. Good luck.

My number is 336-945-3232.