With another mass recall of dog foods earlier this year, many dog owners are scared and concerned for their dog’s well-being. They now want to know exactly what type of dog food ingredients are in the food they buy for their pets.

Pet food labels can be confusing to look at. If you have never read the ingredient label on your dog’s food, here are a few pointers. The ingredients are always listed in descending order, starting with what has the highest percentage/amount present. The top five or ten are the most important. Since the recall, if one of those is a rice/corn/wheat product, it’s a good idea to look at another brand.

Another ingredient to watch out for is meat meal or bone meal. These are not approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (or AAFCO) and can actually contain contaminated meat sources.

Any type of hydrolyzed product can be listed as a protein, but don’t be fooled. Most of these are indigestible proteins, so it is just basically a “space filler” type of ingredient.

You need to look at specifically what type of dog food ingredients are included. See what they have listed as the main protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and nutrients. More importantly, see if there are any unwanted ingredients, like preservatives or the aforementioned meat meal/bone meal.

One tactic to watch out for is when a manufacturer breaks down an ingredient and lists it as several different items. They do this to hide the fact that it’s actually one of the major ingredients. If there are several corn or rice or other supplemental ingredients, combine them together and you’ll probably see that it is actually one of the main ingredients. This should set off a warning for you to look at another product.

Dog food with ingredients that have met the AAFCO standards will have their stamp of approval on the label. This does not guarantee the purity of the food, but does show that the manufacturer made an attempt to provide quality dog food.

The bottom line here is that to make sure you are feeding your pet the best dog food ingredients you can. You should do your own research. Then decide if there is a brand you feel is safe or even if you should even consider making your own. You can make a difference in your dog’s life … starting today.

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