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Dog Training And Your Dog

2007-02-17T16:25:58+00:00By |Dog Behavior, Dog Training|

I have been professionally training dogs for close to 20 years ... whew! That's a long time. But the days have flown by and I have enjoyed most every minute of it. Dogs have given me a wonderful way of life. Over the years I have been to many seminars and training schools. I have [...]

Choosing A Professional Dog Trainer

2020-04-03T18:03:37+00:00By |Dog Training|

Choosing A Professional Dog TrainerLast time we spoke about Dog Training And Your Dog. One of the best ways to get the results you want is by hiring a good dog trainer. Choosing a professional dog trainer is not easy. Anyone can call themselves a trainer. It doesn't mean that they are. You must do [...]