Over the last few months I have been getting more and more Yadkinville dog training calls.  Many of those have been coming from Grandview Animal Hospital and I really appreciate their confidence in my services.

I provide Leader of the Pack dog training.  That is, dogs are pack animals.  When they are born they are in a pack and when they leave to join your family, they then become part of your pack.

I know.  Dogs know we aren’t dogs.  That doesn’t stop their natural instincts of being highly social and pack oriented.  My clients work with these pack instincts to improve the relationship with their dog.

In every pack there is a leader.  It is my job to make you the leader of your dog pack.

How do we do this?  It really depends on your dog’s temperament and personality.   There are many different personalities and temperaments that determine the psychological makeup of a dog.  I look for what motivates your dog.  It could be treats, toys, praise, or even consequence.

Whatever we do, it is important that our dog realizes we are mentally and physically his leader.  It’s not about domination, intimidation, breaking your dog’s spirit or harming him.  It’s about consistent leadership.

Your dog will thrive under this leadership and so will you.

I am happy to provide a free phone consultation and I guarantee my work as long as you will do what I recommend for you and your dog.

Below are the various ways that I can work with you.

Dog Training in Yadkinville

I live on a little farm in Pfafftown.  I am about 30 minutes a way and will entertain you and your dog with one on one training.  I am essentially training you to become your dog’s trainer and leader.

The typical training program consists of 2-4 lessons usually spread out at weekly intervals. We do the basic obedience dog training with the following commands:

Let’s Go, Sit, Down, Sit-in-Motion, Down-in-Motion, Come, Place, Stay, Heel and Break. Occasionally we will add another command or two to this repertoire as needed for the family environment.

I show you how to train your dog and then you are expected to work with your dog on the specific commands until I return. We also address any dog behaviors that are needed.

The initial session is $100.00 and will last a little more than an hour.  After the first session, each session is $80.00.

Residency Dog Training For Yadkinville Clients

One of our most popular programs for Yadkinville dog training, is my residency training or doggie camp.

Depending on your dog’s needs, we customize a dog training program that  usually lasts two weeks to one month.  Your dog will live in my home and the primary trainers are myself and my daughter, Rachel.

This program is designed for busy families who do not have the time to do everything with their dog or puppy to make them understand life is changing.   Your dog will actually come live with me and my family in my home. He does not live in some outdoor kennel, but lives in my home.  He becomes a member of my pack.

In this program we begin teaching him the obedience commands that are necessary for him to learn to adapt to pack structure.  You come to visit and learn how to become the leader of your pack 2-3 times before he goes home.  I will continue working with you after your dog goes home as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable.

You can read more about the programs by clicking Yadkinville Dog Training link here or just picking up the phone and calling me at 336-945-3232.

I hope to hear from you!

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